Glowing red, gleaming down at countless people (us), drifting alone in big space. Its all about the beautiful moon. Must Read

Traveling back home as I looked outside my side of the window, I noticed this big round red moon in the night blue skies. Glowing red, gleaming down at countless people (us), drifting alone in big space. It makes me wonder and admire this creation of nature. I knew it will be gone by the dawn but throughout the night, it will be there, revolving around the world at its own pace. How calm it looked, greeting some alone soldier at the front, accompanying a lonely passenger on his journey in the dark, assuring a distant lover the well being of his partner. Calm and beautiful. And we were still busy down here in our artificial world with artificial lights and things, neglecting such a magnificent companion which never gave upon us. The red moon will do it’s part tonight and something else will take it’s placed tomorrow morning but the next night it will be back again and the wheel of time will keep on revolving like that at its own pace.

Then why we are in such a hurry? Such a rush to get nowhere. To gain what? We keep chasing life which is always one step ahead of us. Maybe we should stop once in a while, take a break, breathe and look around. There is a lot around us seeking our attention, people who love us, the smell of rain, nature and the big red moon too maybe. We should play our part in their journey too, walk beside our loved ones, be a lone stranger walking beneath the red moon. Time will always be spent at some place or thing. How about spending a little part of it on creating things that will matter the most at the end. Memories….because I assure you, when you will be sitting alone looking back on the memories at some point in your life, the Red moon will still be shining on you.


Author: Kiran J Singh