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Set Your New Year Goal Today Before It Gets Too Late.

So, in a blink 2020 has arrived. You all must be busy wishing your near and dear ones or might be celebrating New Year Eve. Welcoming New Year is always an exciting part. Few welcome their new year just sitting at home, some do get together, etc., etc.

Q. How did you Welcomed New Year? Post your answers in the below comment section!

But doing all thing did you sat back and thought about what just happened and what I have to do in the coming year. If not then let us help you in doing so. We will tell you how to set the goal for the New Year, tips for doing so which will help you to set a perfect goal of the year.

Tips to set the goal for the New Year

There are many ways to do so, we are posting a few but main points which will definitely help you in writing your goals. Read the complete article before taking any step as each of the points are correlated to each other. So, let’s get started with it:

1. Write and Watch

Take a pen and a paper and just write your goals after that review the same periodically. Now why we are saying to do is because setting a new year goal is not only for showoff but to follow that as well. So keep the goal paper at a place where your eye just catches them periodically.

2. Realistic

Well in the first one we said you all to write but that doesn’t mean just write blindly whatever came in your mind or whatever your heart says. Your goals should be purely realistic. These realistic goals should be the one which you can achieve in next 365/366 days. So remember to be very realistic in writing your goals.

3. Different Area

Once you start writing and taking only realistic goals, make a note to include the different areas or different aspects which are important in your life or for your life. This will really help you in creating a perfect goal list which will be definitely achievable in next twelve months of the respective year. Following is the few ideas:

  • Relationship/Family goals
  • Work/Career goals
  • Spiritual goals
  • Health and Fitness goals etc.

4. Measurables

Once the above three points are completed now wits time to have a look at your consistency. 365 days is a huge period there will be lots of up and down with rain one day and a sunny another day. With this its very important to check your consistently that you’re on the right way. The best way to do that is to set goals in such a manner that can be measured again and again over short periods of time. For example, Having dinner together instead of this you can make more time for the family with this you can achieve the family goal.

5. Include Partners

How hard your goal is, it is always recommendable to form a team in doing so, then see how easy each step will be. So, teaming up with a friend or with a spouse or with a brother/sister/cousin to accomplish a goal together will be more fun.

Above were the tips on how to do so. But what after once you have achieved your goals?

For that Rewards yourself.

6. Reward

So, in this, while setting the goals taking care of all the points mentioned above set a reward in front of that this will help you becoming crazier in achieving the same. It should be a simple one not a trip to America, just an easier one which will always make you remember your achievement.

So, friends with this we will take leave hope you will set your goals properly and work on it more properly.

Happy New Year 2020!

New year goal
New Year Goal

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