Mastanamma: The oldest YouTuber of the World

Mastanamma: The oldest YouTuber of the World

These days having making cooking show popular for youth is not a big deal, because they have the power and the knowledge of the internet, but this is not the case with everyone. People like Grandfather or grand’s grant father may be talent but don’t have idea and approach to showcase her talent. So, in such case we youngsters must hold their hand to bring out their hidden talent out. This is what is been done by the young boy named K Laxman of the town named Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh, India. He not only made his grandmother popular overnight but have shown her hidden to the world. Now the grandmother is the 106-year-old YouTuber with approximately 250,000 subscribers not only from the nation but also outside from the nation. She cooks up varieties of food for example egg dosa, fish fry to bamboo chicken biryani and many more — all from scratch!

Approximately eight months ago, Laxman and one of his friend Srinath Reddy began Country Foods. They wanted to create a channel dedicated to bachelors cooking recipes from Andhra Pradesh. Audiences were mildly receptive to those videos, likewise the reaction was a long way from overpowering. When Laxman visited his home village with his mother, where his mother told him about a relative he hadn’t seen in years, Mastanamma, and her love of cooking crab curries and quail eggs. Laxman and Reddy found her energy enchanting, so they started recording her videos with a thought of displaying the actual Andhra cooking style to the youth of the country. For six months, she’s been the subject of quietly absorbing cooking videos broadcast on a YouTube channel Country Foods, but now she is having the most subscription and got a title as the World’s Oldest YouTuber.

Mastanamma got married at a very small age of 11 years. Immediately after marriage she became mother of five children, and got widow at the age of 22 years and never married again. Despite of all she never gives up for cooking.

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