World largest Solar Power Plant now in India

World largest Solar Power Plant now in India

After the 8 months, rigorous hard work of 8500 men who have installed 11 megawatts of equipment per day to accomplish the work, India got success in building the world’s largest Solar Plant farm in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu. This farm has replaced California’s Topaz Farm as the world’s largest solar power plant.

Kamuthi’s solar plant has a capacity of 648 MW and covers an area of 10 sq km and the total cost of $679 million to build, which in return can supply power to over 150,000 homes, not only this it consists of 2.5 million solar modules, 576 inverters, 154 transformers, also 6,000 kilometers of cables. Each day, this plant is being cleaned by a robotic system that is charged by its own solar panels.

This project was sponsored by the Ahmedabad-based conglomerate Adani Group. The CEO of the organisation mentioned that “Before us, the largest solar power plant at a single location was in California in the U.S. That was 550 MW and was completed in around three years. We wanted to set up a solar plant of 648 MW in a single location in less than a year,”.

After the introduction of this vast farm, from next year onward, India will be the 3rd largest Solar market, defeating US and China.

Still, the nation has far to go before achieving its objectives to create Solar Energy for 60 million homes by the end of 2022, with arrangements to deliver 40 percent of its energy needs from non-renewable energy sources till 2030.

Great Move for India.

Source – Quartz India

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