Bengaluru startup develops tech to ensure proper care of expectant mothers

Bengaluru startup develops tech to ensure proper care of expectant mothers


As we all know the population of the India, so every single second a new life is welcomed by India. In this scenario the major issue which is faced by our Indian Hospitals is that there is lack of staff due to which most doctors and nurses do over shifts which need to be controlled as Doctors and nurses are also humans. To reduce this pressure form the shoulders of doctors and nurses, Bangalore startup Janitri have designed an software to ensure that proper treatment and care of expectant mothers.

About the Software

This software will monitors the parameters such as mother’s and child’s heart rate, contractions, labour duration, blood pressure etc till the delivery for the child. Before, this software was known as the Laborconnect, but now it is known with the name of Daksh. The report which is generated is designed in a such a way that a normal man can also read and understand and identify the progress of the mother and the baby.

WHO have advised to monitor the progress in the labour in the form of graph and the software is also working on the WHO’s guidelines ensuring the full support to the mother.

Daksh helps us keep a check on all the patients simultaneously. In case of an emergency, it tells us what treatment we should administer, and helps us take quick decisions. While recording the parameters manually in the partograph, errors occur sometimes, but this software has zero errors.

-Dr Kumar Yadappanavar, PHC

So far nine tablets with the software have been distributed to PHCs in February. Amongst that, two were distributed in Bangalore and the remaining at northern Karnataka. Earlier to this, it was distributed and tested at Rajasthan. As per the test held, it successfully monitored the parameters of 250 expectant women.

Isn’t It Great!

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