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Food Wastage


According to the UN report on The Food Waste India is ahead to China in terms of wasting food items. On an account, approximately 1/3 of the food which is been produced costing  about 1.3 billion tonnes of food every year. As we all know that we Indians love to eat  but do we know that we waste as mush of food as the whole UK consumes. Shocked?, yes this is true, so it is high time we made it a personal and national priority. India garbage bins, street are the proof of the same that food wastage is on high alert in India. Only government policies are not only responsible for the problems that we are facing in day today life, but our culture and traditions are also playing a very very lead role. In India, the bigger the wedding, the larger the party – more the wastage  of food.

When we talk about overall food waste—agricultural produce, poultry and milk—India ranks seventh, with the Russian Federation at the top of the list. India’s lower ranking is because most of the countries ranking before India utilize much of their land in raising poultry, while a major chunk of land in India is consumed for agriculture. That is why the highest wastage of cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables takes place in India. Wastage of vegetables and fruits is 70% of the total produced in India.

Problems because of Food Wastage

  • Approximately, 25% of fresh water which is been used to produce food is got wasted, while as millions of people don’t have water to drinking, this is a bit more than an average river.
  • Even though there is sufficient amount of food to feed twice the world’s current population, still food wastage is below the billions of people who are malnourished. India ranks 63/88 countries in Global Hunger Index. The number of hungry people in India has increased by 65 million and more than 20 crore Indians sleep hungry every night. About 7 million children died because of  hunger
  • Approximately 45% of India’s land has been deforestation to meet the food demand still several families are surviving eating one time meal only.
  • And lastly, 300 million oil which is used to produce food is wasted clearly.

Few Eye Opening Statistics

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