E-bicycles: Last-mile Connectivity From Metro Stations to Destination

E-bicycles are now the Last-mile Connectivity from Delhi Metro Stations to Destination in a Pollution free way

E-bicycles are now the Last-mile Connectivity from Delhi Metro Stations to Destination in a Pollution free way!

A plan to introduce e-bicycles was basically for improving last-mile connectivity from Metro Station to the destination.

As we all know that Delhi people cover Delhi either via Metro or via bus. But once they get down from the metro the distance to cover from Metro Station is a big task as, traffic is really a big enemy of all, to overcome this problem, the Transit agencies are planning to provide the last-mile connectivity to metro commuters from Delhi Metro station. Due to this, the waiting time for auto will be saved in an eco-friendly manner. The Popular Metro stations of south Delhi, Malviya Nagar and Saket just got these amazing affordable and eco-friendly lifesavers for the commuters. I still remember when I use to travel from the metro to my university from Gurgaon, Metro journey is undoubtedly great but once I get the task start from there to reach the University on time. The waiting time for searching auto was really painful, but now because of this lifesaver bicycle I am sure the pain I went through no one will experience the same.

More About E-bicycle

This initiation is made possible by a Gurgaon based e-scooter startup called Mobycy Zypp to overcome with a frustrating Delhi Traffic. Delhi Metro has tied up with Mobycy Zypp and bike-sharing app named Yulu to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in the city. To avail the same, you have to register on the Mobycy Zypp app. Apart from Delhi, Yulu is already running successfully at Mumbai, with a total of 250 E-bikes on the roads, which covers 60km in a single charge with a maximum speed of 25kmph.

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What’s More?

They are planning to run 25000 such E0bike in New Delhi by the end of the second half of the year 2020. Not only these two but Uber, the Tech Giant has also shaken hands with Delhi Metro to allow commuters to avail there metro ride as well as the Las mile connectivity ride through there app.

It cost only Rs 5 for the public to commute from Metro station to there Destination. Kudos to Delhi Metro’s e-initiatives towards the environment. With this, we feel, E-bicycles are an exciting solution to multiple problems in the city such as pollution, traffic, etc. With the help of E-bikes, the National Capital can breathe oxygen and will become a carbon-free city. Rather than walking, plan to take this E-Bicycle ride and be a part of the environment saving.

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