Who is the father of Ayurveda

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Maharshi Charaka (चरक) (3rd century BC) is known as the father of Ayurveda, a methodology of medicine and lifestyle developed in Ancient period in India. Charaka was the resident of a small town known as Kapisthal which is now known by the name of Jalandhar, Punjab, located between Iravati (Ravi River) and Chandrabagha (Chenab River) rivers in Panchanada(then) (now Punjab). Panchanada was the name of Punjab in Mahabharata. He is also well known as the “Father of Indian medicine“. Charaka studied and practiced at the University of Ancient Taxila. He also wrote a book named Charaka Samhita written in Sanskrit.

What’s More

As per Acharya Charaka, “A physician who fails to enter the body of a patient with the lamp of knowledge and understanding can never treat diseases. He should first study all the factors, including the environment, which influences a patient’s disease and then prescribe treatment. It is more important to prevent the occurrence of disease than to seek a cure”. He is the proponent of “prevention is better than cure”. He is the first physician to understand and present the concept of digestion, metabolism, and immunity system in the human body. He too studied the anatomy of the human body and various organs. He was the one who gave 360 as the total number of bones, including teeth, present in the human body. Apart from this, Maharshi Charaka too declared that the heart of the controlling system of the human body, he also mentioned that the heart was connected with 13 channels to the entire body.

His Contributions

Maharshi Charaka was the author of Charaka Samhita which was written by him in the Sanskrit language. His book was considered as the foundational text of Ayurveda. In his book, there are a total of 120 adhyayas(the chapters) which are divided into parts. Charaka Samhita remained as the standard work for two millennia and was also translated into other languages such as Arabic and Latin. Later, Charaka Samhitā was revised by Dridhbala.

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