hindi most spoken language in US

Hindi continues to be the most widely spoken Indian language in The United States followed by Telugu and Gujarati as per reports. As per the data from 2010 to 2017, the number of Telugu speakers has been risen by 86% approximately, correspondingly Hindi and Gujarati Speakers were just 42% and 22% respectively. Not only this, Bengali and Tamil in numeric terms were not the top-three Indian language spoken in the United States. the number of individuals speaking languages has been risen by 57% and 55% which is 2.23 lakhs and 1.84 lakhs speakers respectively.

As per ACS data(American Community Survey Data), of the total population of 30.5 crores, 6.7crore speaks a foreign language at home, in this Hindi had 8.63 lakhs speakers in the US, whereas Gujarati had 4.34 lakhs and Telugu 4.15 lakhs. also, 26.10 lakhs of the US population were born in India, this figure includes those who are having Indian parents but are born in the US.