Father of Plastic Surgery

India knew about Cosmetic Surgery in 6th Century B.C

Yes, you have read correctly. We were aware of the plastic/cosmetic surgery in 6th Century B.C only and the person who introduced it to us is Sushruta and is known as the Fathers of Surgery and Plastic Surgery.


Sushruta also is spelled SuĊ›ruta, (flourished c. 6th-century B.C), an ancient Indian surgeon has developed different surgical techniques & invented the practice of cosmetic surgery in that era when we were not much aware of what it is exactly. Sushruta was born in 800BC in the Kingdom of Kashi. He was an Ancient Indian Physician known as the father of Indian Medicines as well as the father of Plastic Surgery. He was the first surgeon who was dealing with Plastic Surgical operations worldwide and did more than 300 types of surgeries with 120 surgical instruments and cured 1,120 diseases, injuries, conditions, and their treatments, and over 700 medicinal herbs and their fundamentals, taste, and efficacy.

What’s More

Sushruta who nearly lived for 150 years was the first individual to describe the principles and fundamental plastic surgery in his famous book ‘Sushruta Samhita‘. Its been more than 2500 years when different aspects of cosmetic surgery were defined by him is considered as the Great Trilogy of Ayurvedic Medicine.

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The Great Trilogy of Ayurvedic Medicines means surgical procedures, diagnostic techniques, and various illness treatments and injuries.

Sushruta practiced medicines in North India, around Varanasi at the bank of Ganga River. He was considered as the god gift who can heal any injury. It is very interesting to know that Sushruta’s specialty was rhinoplasty, the reconstruction of the nose.

About the Surgery Procedure

It was recommended to the patient to drink Wine heavily before the surgery to begin as anesthesia. Then the patient was tied to a low-lying wooden table to prevent movements and the operation would begin with the surgeon sitting on a stool and tools beside the table. Rhinoplasty is termed to be an important achievement by India in history.

Sushruta has a number of students known as Saushrutas. They were first required to study for 6 years with an oath of devoting themselves to healing and to do no harm to others before Sushruta starts teaching them the hands-on experience. He teaches surgical procedures by cutting vegetables or dead animals. Once the students are mastered in their field he slowly hands it over for patients’ surgical operations.

We all are so lucky that we are born in the country who have given such great personalities.

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