Kerala Girl Collects Discarded Bottles From Dirty Lake, Upcycles Them Into Decor!

23-year-old Aparna S uses her crafting skills and turned discarded bottles into beautiful decor which she collected from the lake.

Since her undergraduate days, she is been passionate about crafts and started making terracotta jewelry which is been liked by everyone in her college. After seeing the popularity of her jewelry, she decided to sell her work on social media under the brand name, Rudra.

Approximately a year ago, Aparna started noticing piles of glass bottles discarded near the banks of Ashtamudi Kayal (lake), which was quite near to her home.

As per her, these bottles will litter around the entire area. Whenever she passes that way, she would collect the bottles with the intention of upcycling them with creatively. She then first started with simple drawings and later progressed to different art techniques such as decoupage as well as calligraphy.

Kerala Girl Collects Discarded Bottles From Dirty Lake, Upcycles Them Into Decor!

With her complete passion and dedication towards craft, she transformed these bottles into a beautiful piece of art. When her upcycled bottles started piling up in her backyard, then she thought of creating a Facebook page to sell them.

On 17 March 2019, Aparna and her friends organized a clean-up drive near Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus stand in the city. She mentioned, “A lot of people joined us in this initiative, and by the end of it, we managed to collect about a truckload worth of bottles. They helped with not just the collection of the bottles but also cleaning these for my use later,”.

This inspired her more to do something new for the “World Water Day”, on 22 March.

“It is not just glass bottles that lie along the banks of Ashtamudi Kayal, but a plethora of other waste too. So many people are into craft these days and specially upcycling. The way I specialize in glass bottles, I was sure that there would be people who work with materials like plastic and other waste too. We could invite people to fish out for waste and ask them to upcycle these very materials on the spot. That’s how this drive was envisioned,” Aparna explains.

This is not the end, as, for future plans, this young lady intends to empower survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking at the Nirbhaya shelter home in the city by teaching them her upcycled bottle craft. “I used to volunteer there earlier and taught kids to elderly women different craft forms. Engaging them in art and craft is relaxing and rejuvenating for them. Now, I want them to work with them and help them to earn a living out of it,” she concludes.

Brilliant Bharat team wishes luck to Aparna for the great work and admires how she is effectively utilizing her skills.

Kerala Girl Collects Discarded Bottles From Dirty Lake, Upcycles Them Into Decor!

Source: The Better India