Indian Physicist Bibha Chowdhuri

Indian physicist Bibha Chowdhuri now shines bright among the stars in the sky.


Roughly, 340 light-years away from us, you can see a yellow-white dwarf star in the constellation Sextans south of the celestial equator star in the sky which will be called a ‘Bibha’. This is a tribute to that great scientist who was not only assisted for Nobel price winning but had also worked with Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai.

Who is Bibha Chowdhuri?

Bibha Chowdhuri (1913 – 2 June 1991) was an Indian physicist who was born in Kolkatta. She had worked on particle physics and cosmic rays. She studied physics from the University of Calcutta and was the first and only woman to complete an M.Sc. degree in the year 1936. Then, she joined the Bose Institute after graduating in 1939 and worked with Debendra Mohan Bose.

Why Bibha?

Amongst 1,700 entries across the countries from various languages, that school student and college students had sent for Nationwide contest “ExoWorlds India” which was launched last year on July 10th. From there, the national committee of the Paris-based International Astronautical Union along with Indian Astronomical Society had come up with the name ‘Bibha‘ for the star HD 86081.
The name ‘Bibha’ was actually suggested by the 20 years old Anonyo Bhattacharya, who is a student of Surat’s Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology.

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