Hyderabad Professor Converted Plastic Into Fuel

Hyderabad based mechanical engineer and a professor, Mr. Satish Kumar have come up with a three-step process called plastic pyrolysis in which he has converted plastic into fuel.

A 45-year-old Hyderabad based mechanical engineer cum professor has come up with an innovative idea of making petrol out of waste and used plastic. Professor Satish Kumar, who has founded a company registered with the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises, said that there is the three-step process of converting plastic into fuel which is known as plastic pyrolysis.

Since 2016, Professor Satish Kumar has converted a total of 50 tonnes of fuel from the waste plastic (that cannot be recycled). At present, his company is producing approximately, 200 liters of fuel on a daily basis out from 200kg of waste plastic and selling the same to the local industries.

What’s More

This process can help in producing plastic waste to diesel, aviating fuel, and petrol. As per him, approximately, 500kg of non-biodegradable waste can produce 400 liters of fuel which is an eye-opening thing for every single person.

While our government is trying to promote biofuels across the country and many commuters have also started opting for electric transportation for there daily transportation, which is costing them half the price of petrol and diesel vehicles presently, whereas Mr. Satish Kumar is selling the fuel to local industries at a very minimal cost of Rs 40 per liter only. However, this fuel is yet to be tested for the usability of the vehicles. For the production of fuel, all kinds of plastic except PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) can be used.

The three-step process which is known as plastic pyrolysis included decomposing of elements in high temperatures in a vacuum, this process doesn’t require water and even doesn’t leave water or residues.

The main aim of Professor Satish Kumar, behind starting this innovation is to contribute to saving the planet. These days as we all know people are looking for something out of the box technique to get rid of plastic waste so as this Hyderabad man.

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