From begging on Chennai roads to studying at Cambridge University, Jayavel's journey is purely inspirational for every youth

From begging on Chennai roads to studying at Cambridge University, Jayavel’s journey is purely inspirational for every youth

This is very old news, but we want to bring it to limelight once again. A few years back, Jayavel became a sensational star and was almost been discussed by every person due to getting a golden opportunity to study advanced automobile engineering at Cambridge University. A University that is a dream of every Indian student to study.

Let’s talk about him today once again

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An Inspirational Story

At the age of 22yrs old Jayavel got a golden opportunity to study at Cambridge University. Jayavel belongs to a very very poor family. After a failure of crops to yield sufficient food in the 1980s, Jayavel family moved to Chennai from Nellore(Andhra Pradesh), in search of better living. But, due to lack of any work, Jayavel family started begging on the roads of Chennai to survive in the fast-growing city of India. They used to sleep on the pavements and used to search for shelter at nearby shops until the cops of the city chase them from out of there.

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After the death of Jayavel’s father, his mother became an alcoholic due to the pain of the her husband’s loss, due to which most of his earning was lost in his mother’s alcohol.

But as we say, god is seeing everything and help his/her children. There came Uma Muthuraman, who stepped up to help Jayavel with her husband. She and her husband wanted to create a video story name “Pavement Flowers”, which they wat to show the life of people out there living at the pavement. Initially, Jayavel and his family denied and hesitated to come and help in Uma’s project but eventually, they got agreed. Uma struggled for Jayael a lot and finally, in 1999, Uma got succeeded in taking Jayavel to fly with full wings. Their NGO, Suyam Charitable Trust, helped him to get a proper education. He then got admitted into a school. This was the turning point for him and he too didn’t make any mistake and made the best use to it.

Uma with her husband
Uma with her husband

Jayavel after admitted to the school, studied well and scored well in his 12th standard examinations and later cleared Cambridge University’s entrance. He also got a seat at Glyndwr University in Wales, and studied ‘Performance Car Enhancement Technology Engineering‘, a course that deals with enhancing the performance of race cars. From there he went to Italy for his further studies. For this, Suyam Charitable Trust Suyam Charitable Trust arranged 17 lakhs for his studies at London and another 8 lakhs for his further studies.

Wow, what a great inspiration you are Jayavel. We hope every kid will follow you and make the best from the opportunities they get in life.

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