Eco-Friendly Bamboo Water Bottles

Eco-friendly bamboo water bottles at the place of plastic water bottles.

This man from Assam has taken an initiative to reduce the use of plastic bottles and came with a new idea of making eco-friendly water bottles with the help of bamboo. Let us read the full story.

The 36-year-old Dhritiman Bohra is manufacturing organic bamboo bottles from ‘bhaluka‘, which is a type of bamboo as an alternative to plastic bottles. It takes him around five hours to make a single bottle. The price of the bottles range between Rs 200 and Rs 450, which are purely handmade.

To overcome the plastic use in our daily lives, Dhritiman Borah has come up with such a brilliant innovative solution.

At the age of 16, Dhritiman Bohra started his own company. With a total of 18 years of experience in craftsmanship, Dhritiman is now running his own family business with his younger brother, Gaurav Bora.

The process of making one single bottle takes around 5 hours. In these five hours, they initially cut the bhaluka, then boil it, after that dry the same, then smoking, second last is it join the separate parts, and lastly giving the finishing to the bottles. This whole process, helps the bottle to last for at least 18 months.

As we all know, fame and success don’t come easily. Similarly, Dhritiman Bohra initially faced a lot of difficulties in selling his bottles. He presented his bottles at the Delhi Expo, but no one was interested in his product. But now, as the time flies, Dhritiman started coating his bottle as per the requirements of the clients only. As the bottles are handmade, the buyers are very impressed with his creativity. They are currently producing about 1,500 bamboo bottles every month.

His bottles are purely original and are organic due to which Chinese bottless cannot patent it.

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