United Nations Development Programme, bharat brain, Vinu Daniel, A Man from Kerala used recyclable waste to build homes that don’t need ACs

A Man from Kerala used recyclable waste to build homes that don’t need ACs at all! Vinu Daniel a perfect example who used waste bottles, scrap metal, coconut shells, broken bricks and much more.

Vinu was born in Middle East, after completing his schooling in Abu Dhabi, Vinu moved back to his hometown(Kerala) to study architecture at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum in 2005 after which he worked for the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Post-Tsunami construction.

In 2007 he started Wallmakers which was christened thus by others, as the first project was just a compound wall and in 2008 he had received an award from the ‘Save PeriyarPollution Control Committee for constructing such a house for a cancer patient which is low in cost and eco-friendly.

From 2008 to 2009, the turning point started for Vinu,where the penny dropped with the construction of the Valsala Cottage. The cottage, which made him won the India Today eco-friendly house of the year (South Zone) award, was for his mother’s brother in their native place Mavelikara. This phase made him think whether he should continue with the eco-friendly architecture or not.  Being positive with with work, Vinu didn’t gave second thought and started working on the same.

If you see houses in Kerala then you will find a traditional open courtyard called a Nadumuttam which is offered to the sky same way the Valsal cottage has an eye-shaped space at the centre of it. Along with it, it can harvests rainwater and redirects it to the plants planted outside. For this, Vinu used traditional climatic and ventilation techniques in a contemporary way.

Vinu is not using any special material, he is just utilizing recyclable waste. In the Wallmakers’ the latest project, they are using is pet bottles to build an entire house along with mud and scrap wood. These pet bottles will be filled with mud used as bricks to construct houses.

In one of his project, his client wanted him to construct a house was once a dump yard. The big question raised was how to use the trash around them,then he came up with an innovative idea of patented debris wall and shuttered debris wall.

The perfect example of how Vinu’s patented debris wall was the house in Pathanamthitta, belonging to academic Biju Matthew.

Well, he was initially tasked with building the entire house until the client developed cold feet, leaving him to construct just the compound wall.

However, Vinu wasn’t faced and instead used it as an opportunity to work with labourers in making mud bricks for the wall. This gave him hands-on experience in making mud bricks, a material many consumers want today for its cooling properties.

Today, it looks like Vinu’s time has arrived. Brilliant Bharat team wish him all the best for future projects.

Source - The Better India