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87-yr-old woman constructs toilet to make her village open defecation free by brilliant bharat
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87-yr-old woman constructs toilet to make her village open defecation free

Where no one is thinking about defecation, there a 87-year-old woman from the Badali village, Udhampur district has become a role model for every one by constructing a toilet near her house single-handedly to make her village open defecation free.

After the awareness camps of ‘Swach Bharat Mission’, guiding villagers how ill effects of open defecating, Rakkhi took a charge and decided to construct her own toilet. Being not able to afford the labor cost, She decide of doing the masonry work herself.

While speaking to media, she said that from a decade she had been defecating in open and was not aware of its ill effects. “I want everyone to use the toilet as defecating in open gives birth to many kinds of diseases. I am poor and don’t have money to build a toilet, hence decided to build the toilet with my own hands without any constructed tool or help. My son made the mud for my toilet after which I leveled the bricks and did the masonry work myself. Within 7 days my toilet will be completed,” she added.

Her work was praised by Deputy Commissioner Udhampur saying, “It is time for people to change their traditional mindset. I was shocked to know that an 87-year-old woman built the toilet herself without any help. I salute the spirit of the woman and everyone should learn a lesson from her.” The Deputy Commissioner also said that every possible help will be provided to the lady.

So, today this is what we bought for you. Stay Tuned for such exiting short news. 

Brilliant Bharat team salute Rakkhi and appreciate her for her work. All the best mam!

Interesting Fact:- Do you know? There is a restaurant on the toilet theme at Ahmedabad. This cafe is India’s first ever Toilet themed restaurant which is similar to Modern Toilet Restaurant at Taiwan. Check it out.

Image credit – ANI