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Car free

Week-long Car-free Challenge

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Week-long car-free challenge

Yes, nearly 300 Gurugram residents have signed for the Week-long car-free challenge starting from 20th of November to 26th of November 2017. The main objective behind this step is to combat the city’s worsened air quality and provide facility for cyclists and pedestrians.

A page on Facebook called ‘The Car Free Challenge’ where people, for the complete one week, will narrate the hurdles they face while commuting in the city without their cars. The condition for this challenge is that the participants cannot opt for the cabs. The ‘car-free’ initiative have seen the participants wear identical T-shirts on Monday. Manas Fuloria, CEO of IT company Nagarro and co-chair of Nasscom Regional Council, Haryana, shared that he will cycle. “I will cycle to my office, which is 7 km from my residence. I will use a camera to shoot a video highlighting challenges I might face and the absence of supporting infrastructure for cyclists in the city. The aim is to identify what needs to be improved for pedestrians and cyclists, especially for last-mile connectivity from Metro stations and bus stands.” His company had earlier set up a cycle stand for employees.  

The participants will share their experiences and findings on social media platforms. In September 2015, an initiative called Car-Free Tuesdays was started in order to encourage people to use alternative modes of transport, but because of the lack of alternatives the plan didn’t worked out.

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