The majority of India’s population, both rural and urban, lives in homes with space smaller than the minimum floor area per person recommended for prison cells....

The majority of India’s population homes from both rural and urban places lives in the homes which are smaller than the area of the one person prison cell. Bit shocking right? But it is true, this report has been put forward by comparing the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) 69th round survey report on housing conditions with the Model Prison Manual 2016.

At rural areas of India, the poorest household have an average floor area equal to or smaller than 449 sq ft and the average household is 94 sq ft or less is available per person. In the same way if we look at the urban areas, 60% of the poorest families lives in houses that have an average area of 380sq ft aprox., and average household size of 4.1 members, the per capita space is 93sq ft


The space available for scheduled caste  and schedule tribe people is 70.3sq ft and 85.7 sq ft. Similarly, the poorest 20% have a living space of 78sq ft in rural areas and 75sq ft in urban areas respectively and for the richest 20%, the average space is 102sq ft in rural areas and 135sq ft in urban areas.

So basically is India is crushed for the space.
Source – Times of India.