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Stop Littering
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“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. When did you listen it or incorporated it last time?, days, months or years back. Definitely a long back, this may be the uncanniest reason for this article. Just have brief gaze around you and then what?, what will you find?  THE LITTER all over. You will find it everywhere from roadsides to historic places and most surprisingly trash barrels are hard to find. Its miserable that the same Indian throws an empty packet of out of his car window and the same fellow talks about the cleanliness drive that other countries are running in an sophisticated manner amongst his colleagues. This is sick mentality. Those who consider roadsides as their personal garbage bins are the ones reason behind this LITTER. And The fact is these roads are not only at the receiving ends of the litter but monuments, our own beautiful, historical, places through which we share our pride to other while describing them. Even India’s sacred,holly river GANGA finds polluted with industrial waste, garbage and chemical effluents. For those sick-mentality-bearing people why is it necessary to carve your thoughts out childish behavior on the walls of ancient historical sculpture which is  already an epitome of great work. This is real exasperation when nobody seems to care about it. Littering a garbage into open we only add disgrace into it. Everybody seems cool until  our own houses are well-furnished, cleaned up and polished. We can see the disquieting situation everywhere. I am not going to enlighten you by the statistics of pollution and littering that happening widely we all are sharp and smart enough to wake up early from this deep sleep. And its not only the problem of poor or illiterate but we all can see the same way approach by the well educated white collar people in our country being reluctant about this fact. HOPE you all are well aware about the Swachh Bharat campaign, which is well thought of India. The great initiative by the Government. Inspite of that we,each individual from young ones to, senior citizens should take this as our own responsibility to keep our surroundings clean. This will start from our own houses,our workplace,societies. Making small small campaign on our level, devoting at least 3 hours per week for this work of cleanliness will really make the difference. If we all take it as social responsibility it will help to improve in much better manner our Government financial status too. And then we can HOPE for the beautiful country to live as per our dreams. And believe hope is good thing and no good thing ever dies so true line from one of the movies. So as per the philosophy goes

STOP thinking And START doingMake our own India a better place to live.

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