Lack of toilets leads to death
Lack of toilets leads to death of 2 girls at Paiyur village near Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu.
Lack of toilets leads to death
Image Source – India Today

Saranya and Darshini 10 and 13 years old girls of small village near Tiruvannamalai were going to the fields to defecate at around 8.30 pm on 4th August night, Because of dark, they were unable to see anything, because of which Darshini fell into the pond and to save her, Saranya  also jumped into the pond. When both the girls didn’t return home, their families went out searching. Fire brigade was called to take the bodies out of the pond.

After this incident, villagers are now blaming the authorities for not providing toilet facilities.

In 2014, most of the 750 families are surviving because of lack of toilets at Katra, in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. Here in this village people are grown used to holding their bladders for watching wild animals in the fields. On 27th May of same year, two girls of age 14 and 15 years old, were found gang raped and hanged after they went to relieve themselves in the night. After this incident people of the same live with the fear.

In 2015, Khushboo Kumari,17-year-old BA final year Jharkhand girl kills herself after she failed to persuade her parents to construct a toilet In the house. She hanged herself because of the embarrassment of going out to the fields for daily ablutions

India is one of the world open defecation. There are aprox, 500 million people lack of toilets. Following are the health risk by open Defecation: –

  1. Risk of Polio
  2. Diarrhoeal deaths
  3. Exposes women to the danger of physical attacks and encounters such as snake bites.
  4. Poor sanitation

Our government has allocated nearly 1bn rupees over five years to build toilets, but a tour of villages such as Tiruvannamalai and Katra shows that the money has made little difference.

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