Our mission is to promote openness and a golden opportunity to change the nation. This is an attempt to bring awareness among people, to make them understand where India stand. It is purely a non-profit site which is dedicated to build the nation strong.


BrilliantBharat was launched on June 2013. BrilliantBharat.com is a web site that publishes useful articles about greatness of India, things we can focus on, facts about India etc. It is a store house of nation’s pride where you can find information about each and every aspect. Brilliant, It is the responsibility of individuals to know the changes that are happened, that can happen and are happening in our country. 


Through this website we will showcase such articles that might show impact on at least few people to do something that leaves an impact no matter how small or big it is. We believe in Mahatma’s saying- “Be the change you want to see in the world!!”


We are a team who are working to innovate as responsible citizens of India. As a citizen of this nation it’s your responsibility to head India towards golden road. Anyone can become a part of our team and help us build a brighter future of the nation. So join your hands and spread the carpet for the success.


As a citizen of the democratic nation we believe in Equal Rights and Freedom of Expression. In the era of whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc., we believe in conveying the proper information in-spite of misinformation for the development of our nation India.

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