Why China is getting hub of all New Diseases?

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In early 2020, more than 70 countries people are suffering from the new virus 🦠 which is known as COVID-19 i.e., Coronavirus, and more than 31,00 people have been died due to this. In which the majority are from China 🇨🇳. Why this Virus is named COVID-19? COVID is the short form of coronavirus disease and the disease was first detected in 2019, this is the reason this virus is normally known with the name of COVID-19. Now, the question arises why it is named Coronavirus?. So, the answer is this virus contains RNA and is spherical, which when examined under the microscope, we came to know that the viruses appear to be surrounded by spiky array-like stuff and is looking like a corona or crown-like shape, hence it is named coronavirus. Also, coronavirus is technically the name of a family of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

More in Detail

Coronavirus or Covid-19 was first discovered in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, and been spreading to 70 other countries including the US, India, Japan, South Korea, etc. This is a type of virus which can make ill to a large number of Human being and as well as animals.

What do you think the main source of COVID-19? The source of this coronavirus is believed to be an animal specifically Wild Animals. The virus spreads through droplets from the mouth and nose of a person who is COVID-19 infected after coughing, sneezing, and exhaling. So, it is recommended to wash your hand once you cough or sneeze.

Not only this, COVID-19 has been declared as pandemic disease, which means such Diseases that don’t have any medicine/s or vaccine/s.

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What is Pandemic disease?

Pandemic Disease is sweeping across the world, killed, finished and changed lots of civilizations across the globe in the past decade. So, pandemic diseases are such Diseases that don’t have any medicine/s or vaccine/s or cure in medical history.

Do you know? In the 6th century, this Pandemic Disease had killed half the world’s population, same repeated in the 14th century and another came in the 20th Century.

Most of the viruses (lets name as unknown viruses) came from the wildlife with which we are not aware. In past we have seen, Influenza Pandemic, Ebola Epidemic, Swine Flu Epidemic, Bird Flu, smallpox, polio, etc, but with improvements in technology, we have developed vaccines that can cure these disease. There are following types of Microbes: Protozoa, Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses, Helminths and, Prions and Pandemic are mainly caused because of Bacteria and Viruses. These microbes travel from one species to another and became a new Pandemic.

As we all know, Bird flu came from Birds, Swine Flu from Pigs, HIV from Chimpanzees, Ebola from Bats. When any of these came in contact with humans a new dangerous virus is born and that is called a Zoonotic Virus.

Why China?

There is a wet market at China, or you can say China’s notorious wildlife markets, where almost each kind of Animals are found and is famous for its freshness as it kills animals LIVE, and from here the Disease X came from. Disease X is termed as unknown Pandemic Disease for which we don’t have any medicine and we have not seen it before. Here, in this market, different animal species are stacked on one another, due to which the blood, pus, flu, excrements from animals to another animals get transferred before it is been given to the people and from here outbreak starts. And interestingly, China is the only place where you can find such viruses due to Wildlife cultivation. Earlier, we have seen SARS and now COVID-19, these two are from the same family and arises from the wildlife market.

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Chinese Goverenment had shutdown the wet market as of now. But this is a really a very serious issue, and we should work on it and think ARE WE PREPARE FOR IT?

Are you prepared from the Coronavirus? What measures are you taking to be Safe. Write your safety measures in the comment section below.

Stay Safe Earth!

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