Where Is The World's Highest Cricket Ground Located, Highest Cricket Ground, Chail Cricket ground, Himachal Pradesh, India,

Highest Altitude Cricket Ground In The World Is In India: Chail Cricket ground

Chail Cricket ground, Himachal Pradesh, India is the highest cricket ground in the world. It was built in 1893 with an altitude of 2,444 meters.


Located approximately 30 miles away from Shimla, the state capital. This field is 8,018 feet above sea level and situated on a hilltop and was leveled specifically for this ground. The Chail Cricket Ground is surrounded by thick forest land, with a majority of deodar and chir pine trees that can be found on all directions of the cricket playing ground. As its a hill station and is bit isolated location, away from the traffic and businesses of Shimla, this area is basically popular tourist destination for both nature lovers and as well as for hikers. The Chail Cricket Ground is owned by the Chail Military School and used as a playground by the school children during the school time, annually.

What’s More

This ground is built by Bhupinder Singh, who was the the king of Patiala in 1893. Due to his great 👍 interest in Cricket, Maharaj Bhupinder sponsored many teams during his ruling period and often used this field to play local games as a great source of his entertainment. He even established an official cricket team, known as the Patiala XI. He himself became the captain of the Indian National Cricket team and played approximately in 27 first-class games between the years of 1915 and 1937, and made it as the one of the best cricket team in India.

Though till then to now, no major game have been played on this ground due to the climate and also termed as unfit to play first class game now. This is the reason a serious renovation is recommended for the same. But this doesn’t mean that no matches take place on this ground. Usually, this ground used by test players to practice and in School break period polo and soccer games is played on this ground.

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