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Today, let us remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of such a great nation India.

India is celebrating its 71st Republic Day today.

Republic Day is a day to remember and feel proud when India’s constitution came into force in the year 1950, completing the country’s transition toward becoming an independent republic nation. This day is observed to be the national holiday for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

Whats More

On 15 August 1947, India became independent from the United Kingdom. But being got independence, India did not have any permanent constitution. This made the drafting committee to draft the Constitution of India and was presented their first draft to the national assembly on November 4, 1947 and the national assembly signed the final English and Hindi language versions of the constitution on January 24, 1950.

After which, India’s constitution came into action on Republic Day, January 26, 1950.

Why 26 January?

The reason behind to choose this date was, as it was the anniversary of Purna Swaraj Day, which was held on exactly same date in the year of 1930. The constitution gave India’s citizens the rights to choose their own government. Ever since the historic day, January 26 is celebrated with festivities and patriotic fervor across the nation India. It represents the true spirit of Free India.

How Republic Day is celebrated?

Large military parades held on this day at New Delhi and the state capitals. Representing the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force and traditional dance troupes take part in the parades. The parade starts with India’s prime minister laying a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, then India’s president takes the military salute during the parade in New Delhi while state governors take the military salutes in their representative state capitals.

Bravery Awards and medals are given to the people from the armed forces and as well as to civilians. Helicopters fly past the parade area showering rose petals on the audience present. School children also participate in the parade by dancing and singing patriotic songs as well as the folk dance. Armed Forces personnel also showcase motorcycle rides and the parade ends with a “fly past” by the Indian Air Force saluting the president.

Few Quotes

We are Indians, firstly and lastly. – B. R. Ambedkar

Patriotism is religion and religion is love for India – Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it. – Bal Gangadhar Tilak

One nation, one vision, one identity.
No nation is perfect it needs to be made perfect.
Happy Republic Day!

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