January 25 National Voters Day

Its India’s 10th National Voters’ Day.


Since 2011, every year on 25th January, India celebrates National Voters’ Day in the remark of the foundation day of Election Commission of India (ECI). ECI was founded on January 25, 1950. This day is celebrated to encourage youth of the nation to participate in the electoral process and also to spread awareness about the necessity and importance to vote.

Basically, Election Commission of India’s main objective is to increase the enrollment of voters across the country, especially the eligible ones means 18+ age of citizen of India.

Do you know? Earlier, the initial age for voting in India was 21 years but in 1988 it was decreased to 18 years.

Every year since 2011, National Voter’s Day is celebrated at New Delhi(the capital of India) in the presence of the Honourable President of India as the chief guest of the event.

National Voters Day Theme

The theme this year is ‘Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy’.

Theme 2019: “No Voter to be left behind”.
Theme 2018: “Assessable Elections”.
Theme 2017: “Empowering Young and Future Voters”.
Theme 2016: “Inclusive and qualitative participation”.
Theme 2015: “Easy Registration, Easy Correction”.

Right to vote is the basic and initial right.

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