Tirumala Tirupathi ,Tirupati Temple Goes Plastic-Free,plastic-free with eco-friendly packaging,Sri Vari Laddoos,Aditya Birla Company- Hindalco and Jute Corporation of India, brilliant Bharat

As we all know how famous is Sri Vari Laddoos all over India and outside India as well. These Laddoos are made with gram flour, infused with cardamom, laced with sugar candy, prepared with loads of nuts and of course of oodles of ghee, is truly a different experienced by itself. The packing of these laddoos are not that good for health, but now one of the richest temples in the world, Tirumala Tirupathi has gone plastic-free with eco-friendly packaging. These laddoos will now be distributed in jute bags instead of plastic covers.

As per data, every day Tirumala Tirupathi used to distribute around 3.4 to 4 lakhs of laddoos every day which in concludes they use approx, 70,000 plastic bags daily for distribution. But after seeing the usage of lots of plastic covers, the trust has collaborated with Aditya Birla Company- Hindalco and Jute Corporation of India, to execute the project regarding the distribution of prasad in 100% recyclable bags. For the last few months, they have sold 3 lakh jute bags, the company has also established a prasadam distribution center for the sale of these bags at the temple. Trust has taken this step to encourage people visiting Tirumala to use non-plastic packaging materials for the prasadam, by using paper bags, paper boxes and jute bags.

As we all know there is a lot of demand for laddoos at Tirupathi so, biodegradable bags are a good option to reduce plastic pollution, also will help to save the environment and build more employment scope for thousand of artisans. This is a remarkable initiative by the trust to make the world plastic-free.