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Welcome back with another article on how you can contribute yourself in saving the world by not throwing plastic bottle etc., which you use in your day-to-day life. We all know life is miserable without plastic bottles etc etc., but the environment is becoming more miserable by using these. Today not only sea animals but we are also eating plastic through them. Got Shocked? But this is true!

Now, as we said above, you can also contribute to saving the planet Earth by doing some simple ground-level work, amongst all is decorating home with plastic/other waste materials.

Reprocess of plastic waste can save money on home decorations and throwing away plastic contributes to the amount of non-biodegradable trash while recycling bottles for home organizers, decorations, tools, and DIY home furnishings protect the planet, Earth.

Plastic visits everybody’s home very frequently. Easy and fun crafts turn the useless bottles and containers into an attractive and unique accent to your homes. Plastic is fabulous roofing as well as a fun craft material. Plastic bottles can turn into lamps, garden decorations, vases as well as in kid’s toys. Recycling plastic bottles is a satisfying and creative activity at Zero cost.

With this, you are not only saving the environment but also becoming a good teacher of your kids’ by letting them know how dangerous is plastic for them.

We have tried a few decor ideas at our place, stay tuned for more creative ideas of decorating your home with waste materials.

Woodwards Gripe Water Bottle remodeled by doing bottle art.
Yogurt Boxes used as planting pots.
Plastic bottle remodeled in a beautiful vase by wool and butterfly patches.
Salt Box converted into pen and pencil stand.
Ice-cream sticks and waste paper used for making a beautiful wall hanging.
Waste papers used in making flowers for wall decorations.

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Stay tuned for more creative ideas in upcycling waste material.