Meet The Noida Man Who Serves Quality Food To Over 500 People Everyday At Just Rs 5

‘Dadi ki Rasoi’ started a great work by Anoop Khanna (social activist) aiming to provide quality food to poor and needy people for just Rs 5.


  • Dadi ki Rasoi, started by a social activist Anoop Khanna, has become a huge hit with his social work.
  • It aims to provide quality food to poor and needy people for just Rs. 5.
  • Dadi Ki Rasoi serves food to around 500 people every day.

The story

Noida-based social activist Mr. Anoop Khanna has started a novel initiative called ‘Dadi Ki Rasoi’ , where he serves food for just Rs 5 to the needy people. Yes, you have read it right. He caters to almost 500 people every day for just Rs 5.

This great work by “Dadi Ki Rasoi’ has been started two years ago aiming to help the poor. There are two such stalls operating in Noida, One serves dal, rice, roti, and another serves vegetables to the needy. They set up their stalls everyday between 10 am-11:30 am near Sector 17 and around 12 pm-2 pm near Sector 29. You will find long cue of Students, employees, poor and needy, everyone every day outside there restaurant. mr Anoop started this work with just Rs. 30,000 and after seeing his initiations with time many people started donated him with the money. Not only this but shopkeepers give him raw materials at a discounted price and residents donate him special meals on special occasions such as birthday, wedding anniversary and so on.

Anoop can’t see anyone begging so he is aiming to make food, cloth, and medicines easily accessible to the financially poor section of the society at an affordable price. Not only the Dadi ki Rasoi, but Anoop has also started the ‘Sadhbhavana store’ that helps poor people providing clothes, shoes, and books.

As per Anoop, “Small steps bring big changes in our society” a life changing motto.

After seeing this great initiative of Mr. Anoop we can say that Humanity still exists and there are still people who believe in helping needy people.